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hexagram parade

Graphic celebration of the I-ching book of changes

First time I heard about the I-ching was back in 2004, while I was living in London. On sunny days I used to cross Chinatown to go to the advertising agency I was working in, which has its headquarters in Covent Garden. Somehow I found what it looked like a Chinese coin lying on the floor and , to my surprise, no one around Gerrard Street could explain to me what it was. I came across the I-ching Book of Changes soon after, at the Indochinese library. Once I got it I felt literally galvanized by its content. Not only by the poetry and wisdom that is enclosed in its pages but , mostly , I was enchanted by how this ancient and eccentric oracle describes the concept of change as the only faculty that guarantees permanence.

It took me several years to feel encouraged enough to translate graphically the 64 hexagrams that compose this masterpiece. I felt such respect for it that I wanted to be sure of being able to assemble a worthy visualization. Besides, I wasn’t even sure that doing so ,freely, just being loyal to my very own interpretation of the hexagram’s significance, could be the tribute that I was meaning to pay.

HEXAGRAM PARADE is a personal project, the symbolic outcome of my interest in this book. It features a graphic journey that approaches the mutability as the only possible way to rebirth.

If you are not familiar with The I-ching Book of Changes I recommend you to have a look. Try to grab a good translation though, it makes a huge difference!

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