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While reflecting on what Tradition and Contemporaneity mean I envisioned two antipodean trees fed by the same root. One fights to survive over time while the other aspires to reach posterity. In order to connect both dualities I’ve created what I call the GENEALOGICAL KIMONO.

This proposal lies in the personal belief that it takes at least two generations to consider the habits from the past as time-honored manners: Tradition. And the only way to encourage modernity to embrace the cultural inheritance from the past is making a point on an emotional link directly connected with our individual story: Ancestry. Grandparents embody that cultural ligament, they are our carnal ghosts, our first distant origins, and that’s why they are the main subject of my project.

GENEALOGICAL KIMONO innovates through graphic design the old portraits of Japanese ancestors giving them a contemporary look, a refreshing appearance that allows ancestry to face the future. Printed on a white silk kimono
forefathers become a sophisticated motif in the garment, reminding the holder that they protect us, covering our backs, wherever the Contemporaneity might lead.

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Performing-arts vectors

I designed 2 posters to promote the work of Nana+Na, a Panamanian dance company that explores the modern side of choreographic expression. These particular visuals try to capture the neurotic energy of their performance – Epica – based on the human reaction to a universal subject: Failure.

The graphics portray the sequences of movements of physical bodies in which motion, color and form are blended to attain an optical feeling of dynamism and drama.

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hexagram parade

Graphic celebration of the I-ching book of changes

First time I heard about the I-ching was back in 2004, while I was living in London. On sunny days I used to cross Chinatown to go to the advertising agency I was working in, which has its headquarters in Covent Garden. Somehow I found what it looked like a Chinese coin lying on the floor and , to my surprise, no one around Gerrard Street could explain to me what it was. I came across the I-ching Book of Changes soon after, at the Indochinese library. Once I got it I felt literally galvanized by its content. Not only by the poetry and wisdom that is enclosed in its pages but , mostly , I was enchanted by how this ancient and eccentric oracle describes the concept of change as the only faculty that guarantees permanence.

It took me several years to feel encouraged enough to translate graphically the 64 hexagrams that compose this masterpiece. I felt such respect for it that I wanted to be sure of being able to assemble a worthy visualization. Besides, I wasn’t even sure that doing so ,freely, just being loyal to my very own interpretation of the hexagram’s significance, could be the tribute that I was meaning to pay.

HEXAGRAM PARADE is a personal project, the symbolic outcome of my interest in this book. It features a graphic journey that approaches the mutability as the only possible way to rebirth.

If you are not familiar with The I-ching Book of Changes I recommend you to have a look. Try to grab a good translation though, it makes a huge difference!

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Temaki’s curse

graphics inspired by Japan

Visual research prompted by my personal crush on Japan and my tendency to seek inspiration in chromatic disorders and remote places. I’ve plunged into the world of Japanese traditional and pop culture, and as a result, I’ve created these graphics, characters, vibrant spaces and layered elements where  bold and subtle colors fading and bleeding into one another mesh together bring life to these 1mx1m pictures.

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Love affair with logotypes

Showcase of logos, iconic marks and graphic symbols designed for commercial enterprises, organizations and personal friends to aid and promote instant public recognition.

Selection of used and unused proposals.

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precarious aura

portrait of an unemployed generation

Though unemployment is a general problem for the whole world, the degree of structural unemployment in Spain is especially high in respect to the other countries in the region at the same economic level. Even with close to 5 million people out of work Spanish officials recently said they did not expect the jobless rate to fall below 15 percent until 2019.

This artwork focuses on that faceless ratio, portraying those people that have been pulled out of their professional routine. All of them – uprooted from their stability – strive every day to maintain dignity and never lose their personal light, even when it is a tiny, shy, precarious aura.

This portraiture is unfortunately a work in progress, a yet incomplete artistic attempt to claim for the workers’ rights in my country.

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the shy palmist collection

a foolish translation of destiny into palmistry

According to a report by Chris Weller from the Medical Daily, in January 2011, a female patient wanted her palm reformatted to bring her better luck . She was said her heart line showed that she would never marry so she decided to force her fortune carving in her palms a new physical appearance. Surgeon Matsuoka performed the surgery with an electric scalpel—which burns the flesh and leaves a semipermanent scar— .
From that moment, the Shonan Beauty Clinic in Japan and several plastic surgery centers in Korea can’t keep up with the high demand of this kind of operation. Weird, right?

SHY PALMIST COLLECTION is a cynical graphic set of illustrations that try to bring acceptance towards our personality lines in order to spread some awareness that possibly help us to hit our chronical fear of the future.

Handle your personality. Trust Nature’s lane. Feel lucky.


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Special edition

electronical music inspired packaging

I was commissioned by Leo Burnett Rome to design a special edition of Marlboro packaging  – red and white – meant to be distributed among different electronic music festivals during the summer.  The graphic layouts recreate a cathodic look based on electromechanical devices, laptronica and circuit bending. Artists like Alva NotoKraftwerk and Ryoji Ikea were my main source of inspiration.



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After Home, Animal is my favorite kingdom

Suit of naive illustrations of colorful mammals, reptiles, amphibians, mollusks and other delightful beasts.

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