the shy palmist collection

a foolish translation of destiny into palmistry

According to a report by Chris Weller from the Medical Daily, in January 2011, a female patient wanted her palm reformatted to bring her better luck . She was said her heart line showed that she would never marry so she decided to force her fortune carving in her palms a new physical appearance. Surgeon Matsuoka performed the surgery with an electric scalpel—which burns the flesh and leaves a semipermanent scar— .
From that moment, the Shonan Beauty Clinic in Japan and several plastic surgery centers in Korea can’t keep up with the high demand of this kind of operation. Weird, right?

SHY PALMIST COLLECTION is a cynical graphic set of illustrations that try to bring acceptance towards our personality lines in order to spread some awareness that possibly help us to hit our chronical fear of the future.

Handle your personality. Trust Nature’s lane. Feel lucky.


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